Legalese Translator What Is An Attorneys’ Service

Lawyers who are representing clients in a lawsuit, either the plaintiff or the defendant, will periodically mention that they used an attorneys’ service.

On some level, everything a lawyer or lawyer does could be thought of as an attorneys’ service. That’s why the phrase is often misleading to non-lawyers.

The phrase,’attorneys service’ has a very precise meaning in the context of a lawsuit. It refers to an outside company hired by the law firm to physically take legal papers to the courthouse and have them filed with the court clerk. It’s inefficient for a lawyer to take the time to drive or walk to the courthouse and potentially stand in line to perform a largely administrative task. That’s where the attorneys’ service comes in. They employ messengers who for a flat fee will deliver the papers to the court and return with a copy bearing the court’s date stamp. That’s how lawyers prove that they filled court papers on time and didn’t miss any deadlines.

If you are filling out any of the court documents yourself, find out whether you can use your law firm’s attorney service. You too may be able to avoid having to take time from your job to physically go to court to file documents. And if you are like most people, and your lawyer is filling out or drafting all the court documents, at least you now know what your lawyer means when they use the term, “attorney service.”

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