For Meeting Planners

Gideon Grunfeld is the right speaker for your upcoming event or meeting if:

  • Your group consists of people who are anxious about contacting lawyers or have had bad experiences working with lawyers
  • They want to take more control and save money when they work with lawyers
  • You want them to be educated and entertained

Whether you are looking for a 45-minute keynote or something as long as a full-day workshop, Gideon will share specific insider secrets that will empower them to:

  • Understand why hiring a lawyer is more complicated than hiring a doctor, and how to identify the most important skills their lawyer needs to have
  • Spot warning signs that their lawyer is a bad apple
  • How to control their lawyer when things go wrong and save money in the process
  • How to communicate effectively when you are working with them and how to determine your lawyer’s strengths and weaknesses

Our Most Popular Lawyer on A Leash Presentations

Business Lawyer on A Leash—A Business Owner’s Guide
To Hiring, Working With, and Controlling Your Lawyer

Running a business is hard enough without worrying about your lawyer.

Your Family’s Lawyer On A Leash—How to Hire, Work
With, And Control The Lawyer For You and Your Family

If you have a family that looks nearly as happy as this one, then it’s worth protecting.

Litigation Lawyer On A Leash—How To Hire The Right
Lawyer and Save Money When You Get Sued

The only thing worse than going to court is going to court with the wrong lawyer.

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upcoming meeting or event, please call toll-free 1.877.727.3399

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