Why “Lawyer On A Leash”?

The term “Lawyer On A Leash” is a recognition of two simple facts. One, lawyers are powerful. Two, many of their clients correctly feel that their lawyers are out of control.

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If you smiled or laughed when you either saw or heard the phrase, “Lawyer On A Leash,” if you said something like, “Wouldn’t THAT be nice,” or if you are a lawyer and cringed a little when you saw the image of a shark wearing a collar, you have come to the right place.

I am a fourth-generation lawyer on my mom’s side. It’s practically a genetic defect. I am proud of my heritage and respect what lawyers can do for their clients and for society as a whole. I wouldn’t want to live in a country where the rule of law wasn’t respected, and it is no coincidence that throughout history repressive governments that have come into power have moved quickly to restrict the authority and influence of lawyers.

The legal profession has much to be proud of. But too often lawyers are controlling their clients to the detriment of both. It’s like the 100-pound dog that is pulling its owner down the street. That’s not how it should be. The client is supposed to be the boss; the client is supposed to be in control. And the only way that balance will be restored is if the client is given information and knowledge about how their lawyer works, and how to control them.

That’s the kind of information that you will be able to find here. This is not a back door way of trying to convince you to hire me as your lawyer. I stopped practicing law more than five years ago when I started my speaking and consulting business. Thus, you won’t be able to hire me as a lawyer even if you wanted to.

There will be lots of humor and fun along the way, but the goal of this site is clear-to help put the client back in control-to put lawyers where they belong. That is what Lawyer On A Leash is all about.

- Gideon Grunfeld, Founder of Lawyer On A Leash

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